F.I.T.T. Camp Home Workout 12/05/2015

I apologize for not being able to run F.I.T.T. Camp this weekend.  Knock this sucker out in place of it and you won't miss a beat. This workout can be done anywhere with no equipment.  I have tried to link as many of the exercises as possible to you tube demos.  Keep on keep'n on!

Dynamic Warm-Up


  • Squats X 100 reps
  • Sit-Ups X 50 reps
  • Bear Squat/Push-Up Combo X 25 reps
  • Rest 1:00
  • < 3 rounds >
Diffused Burpee Complex Challenge Here is an video demo of the Diffused Burpee Complex.  It's OLD so cut me some slack...:) Work hard!  Extra points for those who submit pics and videos as proof you did the workout:)

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