About Us

Fit Republic Southlands is a community-driven supplement store that focuses on the health and wellness for all. From the everyday, experienced gym-goer to the beginner needing a starting point, it is our primary responsibility to help people find their path to better health and assist in accomplishing their fitness goals. We are here to service our community with all nutritional/supplemental, and health needs. We take great pride in providing the best in customer service and knowledge of health advice and results you desire through education. We achieve this through having high-quality products and amazing staff in our store to develop and maintain a professional relationship with all of our customers to ensure we are meeting their individual needs.


Personally, tailored individual and group training programs designed to guide you along your fitness journey to success.


Follow athletes and others as they partake in challenges and along their fitness journey. A community-based platform where we can all learn from one another.


A variety of healthy meals to fit your dietary needs.